Archivi del giorno: 15 aprile 2011

Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 2 available for testing in the Laptop Tracker.

The second beta release of Natty is out and ready to be tested.
This is the last development milestone before the final official Natty Narwhal that will be released on Thursday 28th April 2011.

All you have to do now is to download it, test, and report any bugs found on the tracker, filing them first on Launchpad.

If you are new to this and want to help in testing your laptop, have a look at the Laptop Testing Wiki Page and join us.

In the last two weeks, 19 different laptop have been tested for Natty Beta 1, 6 for Maverick and 4 for Lucid. You guys ROCK!
Please don’t give up and keep on testing, we need your help to get the Narwhal really Natty.

The good thing on this round is that you don’t need to remember or search for bugs numbers you already reported before and still affects your laptop.

As you can see in the screenshot, you have the history of your  previous tests.

So you just need to click on “Not tested” link in the Beta 2 testing column to add new results. It’s easy, isn’t it?