The sooner the better.

Hi everybody!

Oneiric Alpha 1 is out and ready to be tested in your laptop.

If you want to be sure your graphic/audio card, touchpad or whatever work when Oneiric will be released on October 13th join us in the Laptop Testing Project.
You can discover every early bug to allow developers enough time to fix those bugs in time for the Official Release.

The procedures for testing images and reporting results are
explained on

Test results will be tracked on

Bugs have to be reported in the Ubuntu bug tracker (see

If you are new to this please register on the tracker, one account per laptop you own.
Remember that you don’t have to if you already tested a laptop last cycle or have an account for ISO testing.

Please let us know if you have any questions, in #ubuntu-testing IRC channel on the Freenode network or joining the QA mailing list at

Good testing!



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